Stand relaxed, with your feet parallel to the target and slightly apart.


Keep a relaxed grip on the bow handle.

Finger position

Position the string in the first groove of your first three fingers and slide your hand up directly under the arrow until there is no gap.

Preparing the shot

Raise your out stretched bow arm level with the target, maintaining some flex in your elbow so your bow arm is not completely extended. This will help give clearance to the string on release. Keeping your bow arm out stretched, raise the elbow of your drawing arm so it is at least level with your shoulder height, or slightly above. Turn your head to look directly at the target.

Drawing the bow

In a smooth motion, keeping your bow arm level with the target and the elbow of the drawing arm up, draw the bow string back to the side of your face.


A consistent anchor point is the key to accuracy. Draw the string fully back to your face and use the top of your hand to feel for a comfortable, repeatable position. The string should be just in front of the eye so you can look directly down the arrow shaft, and not view it at an angle.

Look closely at the picture on the left and try to replicate the position.


If the string is in front of your eye, you should be able to look directly down the arrow to judge your left/right alignment. The up and down alignment is the hard part! This will only come with experience.

Focus on the centre of your target. (normally the aim duration is between3-6 seconds).



Follow through

Every thing should remain as if you were still aiming. The only exception to this is that your drawing hand will have moved back slightly upon loose. Try to keep your head, bow arm and body in the same position as when you were aiming. Keep focusing on the target. Hold this pose for approximately 2 seconds after the loose.

And finally... Retrieve your arrow from the centre of the target. 

Your done!